Three Colored Squares

Live @ Open Source Radio

Last week I had the pleasure to have a live session on Open Source Radio in Nijmegen.

Live Session on Radio This Sunday

On February 27th, at 14:00 CET I’ll be playing a one-hour live session on the community radio called In The Middle of The rhythm based in the center of Enschede, Netherlands.

Pale Blue is featured in Acid Stag!

Famous australian electronic music magazine Acid Stag included my latest single “Pale Blue” in their Sunday Chills series

Fresh sketches

I’ve published several more song sketches that might evolve in something bigger. These are built around calm and steady arpeggios and slightly odd but still familiar beats.

New Single "Pale Blue" is out 12 November

In just a week, On November 12, my new single “Pale Blue” is to be released.

Working on new music

While composing music for the new album, I’ve published several song sketches. Compared to the first album, they are more stilistically consistent, have simpler rhythms, but more sophisticated sound design and harmony.

MIDI tracks of EP1

Let’s learn from each other and share what we can.

My first EP is out!

I’ve released my debut EP. Unsurprisingly, I’ve called it EP1. It is a 17-minute journey through five different feelings: from anxiety through happiness to pacification.

Review in Plastic Mag

Rob Pringle from a pretty cool British publication Plastic Mag has reviewed my latest track “The Walk in Falling Leaves”.