Three Colored Squares


My first mini-album EP1 is a 17 minute journey through five feelings: it goes from self-doubt and anxiety of “Weird Strangers” through pure happiness of “Bright” to melancholic pacification of “The Walk in Falling Leaves”, which is my personal favorite one.

Many thanks to Daria Chetvernya for the help with artwork. Kudos to Hayden from DAM Recordings in Amsterdam for mastering.

Fun fact: Every single sound on this EP from kick to pads is made on the FM Groovebox Elektron Model:Cycles. It was a challenge but I didn’t feel significantly limited while doing it. It was fun.

Less fun fact: 4 out of 5 tracks on the EP were initially created as jams on my Youtube channel.

Yes, the album is free for download on Bandcamp because I consider it the right thing to do, and, let’s be honest, because I have a job.

Here are links to EP1 on mainstreaming services:

EP1 on Apple Music

EP1 on Deezer

EP1 on Spotify

EP1 on Yandex.Music